Helen Prince

Equus Chambers


  • Appeals
  • Supreme and District Court trials and pleas
  • Magistrates Court including regulatory matters
  • Inquests
  • CCC inquiries and investigations NCA
  • Inheritance and Estate Matters
  • Personal Injuries and Workers’ Compensation


Helen has over 25 years in practice. She regularly appears as defence counsel in complex Supreme and District Court criminal matters including murders, drugs, fraud and family associated crime.

She has had a long standing interest in forensic sciences associated with criminal trials and has successfully defended matters involving all aspects of forensic sciences including DNA (nuclear and mitochondrial), blood spatter, forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology (including “false confessions”), linguistics, pharmacology (effects of methamphetamine and “synthetic cannabis”) and psycho-pharmacology, chemistry, fibre analysis, computer analysis and information technology(meta data in computer files including emails and “smart phones” , dates , times and locations of devices and the data and location of ISP address and servers); and motor cycle club structures.