Criminal Barristers

Criminal barristers are lawyers but differ in certain important respects from solicitors. Equus Chambers has a membership comprised exclusively of criminal defence barristers. All members specialise solely in representing clients charged with criminal offences facing either trials or post-conviction and sentence, appeals, against the finding of the court at first instance.

In Western Australia, those practicing as barristers, whether criminal barristers or in another field of law, undertake not to hold trust accounts. This has the effect of freeing us up to concentrate solely upon what is important to the client: their defence and our role as their defence barristers.

Members deal directly with clients but have close relationships with approved solicitors so that funds can be held in trust by a nominated instructor and invoices issued only after clearly specified and agreed tasks have been completed under Costs Agreements regulated by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia.

At Equus Chambers our only objective is to focus clearly and exhaustively on representing our clients as experienced and trusted and successful criminal defence barristers. All members of Equus Chambers can be contacted directly or via the contact email address. We firmly believe in the value of specialized criminal barristers in achieving the best possible outcome in criminal litigation.