Months of careful consideration preceded the interior design of Equus Chambers.  At the heart of Chambers is the core objective that its members, for whom the practice of law is a professional vocation, operate in a fully supported and well managed set of Barristers’ Chambers, committed to the efficient and successful practice of law. The importance of the professional interactions, guidance and support that is to be derived from membership of a set of Barrister’ chambers and the maintenance of the high standards of the profession cannot be undervalued.

Concept of Interior design reflects the ethos of Chambers

Chambers should be an environment that provides an enjoyable and efficient place in which to work.  The interior design is not visual alone but must reflect how we feel and behave and enhance the connection and collaboration of its members.  When Barristers face significant stress and anxiety in their professional lives, it is important to create a place that gives a sense of well being.

The refined use of sustainable materials, sophisticated colour schemes and a sensitivity to scale and detail gives Chambers a domestic feeling while also allowing Counsel the space and privacy that they need to work effectively.  Stylistically there is an eclectic approach to decor and furnishings with numerous elements of Perth’s history carefully acknowledged: the library reading table was originally a Boans’ shop counter and counsels’ desks are painstakingly restored originals from Perth Barracks.

“Knowing that I have created an environment that enhances the quality of busy professional lives without unnecessarily stripping the Earths resources, is priceless to me”  said Finola Barr, the interior designer.